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The DEI bloodbath

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, is quite the combination of buzzwords. In modern society, no grouping of words has done more to claim good while doing harm. In the wake of the George Floyd/BLM/Antifa 2020 Summer of Love, every organization, corporation, department, or university established a DEI office to show just how virtuous they were. 

Too often the medicine was worse than the problem it was designed to cure. 

Ostensibly, DEI is about leveling the playing field to ensure everyone has an equal stake in the outcome, celebrating the differences that make up our homogenous society by swinging wide those equitable doors. Over and over DEI proves to be more of a societal self-flagellation meting out constant punishment for every special group’s perceived grievances. 

Diversity became the excuse for growing the left’s agenda. Equity is now the secret ingredient for redistribution as something is taken away from those deemed privileged and handed to those deemed aggrieved instead. Inclusion becomes exclusion as traditional values and whole portions of society are told they have had too much for too long; the “haves” must yield to the “have nots” in a collective righting of perceived wrongs. 

We have reached that point in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where “Four legs good, two legs bad” isn’t enough, and therefore “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” 

DEI has essentially taken the fight for equality, civil rights, and liberty, turning it all on its head in a bloodbath of revisionist efforts to rewrite culture to fit a liberal narrative. Instead of uniting society, DEI serves as a means to divide, which, perhaps, was really the point all along. 

This past week, in Seattle, Wash. – an area of the country that has become the petri dish for progressive experimentation – the Seattle Public School System decided to dismantle its gifted and talented program. You know, the program arguably indicates that some students have earned special accolades due to academic achievement. Why would a school system, whose job it is to take every child to their highest level of educational potential, decide to shutter a program that takes bright young kids to even greater heights? Was it not working? Oh no, it was working … there were just too many white and Asian kids. 

The district cited “racial inequities” and decided to make way for a new program that, in their words, will be more “inclusive, equitable, and culturally sensitive.” What level of “equity” were they trying to achieve? The demographics of the program show that “52% of the students were white, 16% were Asian and 3.4% were black, according to the Seattle Times.” But a quick review of census data shows that the Seattle metro area is roughly 60% white, 15% Asian, and 6% black. So, let’s be honest. The DEI bloodbath just claimed another victim – a massive virtue signal at the expense of good kids who have otherwise proven their ability to excel in equal parts to their societal makeup. We should expect no less from a state that just did away with the Bar Exam for new lawyers because it is, you know, replete with “racism and classism” and “historical inequities.” 

But here in Alabama, the Legislature has taken steps to tamp down the madness. The DEI slaughter just got a major pushback with the passage of Senate Bill 129. Suddenly the woke institutions of learning and public governance must check their agendas at the door and figure out how to send their liberal virtue signals by other means. 

During a recent appearance on Alabama Public Television’s “Capitol Journal,” State Sen. Will Barfoot (R-Pike Road) noted that Alabama is choosing to stand against the DEI bloodbath. “DEI offices at higher institutions of education and public universities have really worked to divide us rather than unite us,” Barfoot said. “DEI sounds inviting … but in fact those DEI offices around the state have been used to silo people by race, by color, by religion, ethnicity or national origin.” 

He is absolutely right. Alabama law now ends DEI programs, including critical race theory, by any state agency or educational institution. 

But wokeness never sleeps. 

The University of Alabama system issued a statement signed by its chancellor and the presidents of the three main campuses, claiming they now must consult with legal counsel, assuring the outside world that they will remain “dedicated to our mission of providing exceptional educational, research and patient care experiences to all people, of all backgrounds, in welcoming and supportive environments that foster open thought, academic freedom and free expression.” These are code words to the outside world that they will do everything possible to maintain divisive policies camouflaged under the ridiculous banner of DEI, remaining as woke as possible under the new restraints assigned to them by the state’s duly elected lawmakers. 

DEI has been a bloodbath on our society, and yes, I’m using that word intentionally. DEI has been the left’s clarion call to dismantle what so many have fought to instill in the freest nation on the face of the earth. DEI still needs to DIE, and while it remains a battle in other places, I am nonetheless pleased that we are taking the high ground here in the Yellowhammer State. Perhaps now we are more able to move forward without concern that our kids will be taught that they are just wrong because of the way God made them.

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