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March Madness Bracket Instructions


How to set up and submit your Bracket

  • Click the Link to Join Bracket

  • Click the Join Icon

  • It will lead you to the create new account page

  • Once you click register it will take you to the Rightside Ruffian Bracket

    • You will see your bracket at the top with no image and zero PTS REM​

    • This means you have entered the Rightside Ruffian Bracket but have not submitted your picks

  • To make your picks for bracket - Click My Picks at the top of the page​ (circled in green on picture)

  • Click on your bracket name and it will take you to your bracket

    • If you want to change your Bracket name click the 3 circles next to your Bracket name​

  • Make all your picks by clicking on the team you think will win that game. 

    • Make each pick until you reach the Championship game ​

    • Pick the Winner

    • Make sure to type in the tie breaker score

    • CLICK SUBMIT under tie breaker score

  • After Submitted click return to Dashboard and it will take you back to your My Picks Page

  • Click the Rightside Ruffian group under your Bracket name

  • You will see your Champion pick next to your name and 192 PTS REM (Which is your starting point value)

  • You have now submitted your picks to the Rightside Ruffian Bracket! Thursday at 12:oopm EST the Brackets will close and you will be able to see everyone's picks and Champions. 

  • Check back on the app to get updates on the rankings after each March Madness game ends

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